reasons why summer is fucking gross:

  • very hot weather
  • very humid weather
  • 7583498754397864596 waterbugs
  • 60000 bees/wasps/hornets
  • no sweaters allowed
  • sweat everywhere
  • millions of mosquitos
  • lack of rain
  • bugs
  • skyrocketing electric bills if u use an AC
  • feeling the need to shower every hour
  • did i mention bugs

I would tell you to move to Britain, but it would just change the first and eighth complaints to ‘lack of hot weather’ and ‘nothing but rain’



what if John got a text one day from Mycroft that said “Sherlocks in the hospital” because he one night, one horribly bad danger night, alone in 221b, thinking about how John didn’t need him, didn’t want him, Sherlock got out his syringe and purposely over dosed- and all the way to hospital, John could only think “not again, not again”

I’m probably gonna be thinking about this all night instead of sleeping now